Falafel Scoop & Go is an Award Winning, All-Natural, Non-GMO bulk falafel mix made with chickpeas, fava beans and a variety of fresh vegetables herbs and spices. Scoop & Go can be made into a burger, traditional falafel ball, appetizer or entrée sized meal. Put your own personal touch on our falafel by adding your signature ingredients to the mix. Also available in Gluten Free

Product Info

Product: Falafel – Scoop & Go

Product Number: 2001

Pack Size: 3/5 lb, 15lb case

Shelf Life: 1 year frozen. 5 days refrigerated at 40º


Chickpeas, Spice Mix, Onions, Fava Beans, Scallion, Parsley, Peppers, Garlic and Salt. Contains Wheat and Soy.

Cooking Instructions
  • Scoop 1oz (#24 Oval) falafel balls into a 350º fryer for 2.5 minutes.
  • Form into a patty and griddle with olive oil.
  • Create your own signature falafel menu item(s) by using Scoop & Go as your base.