From an initial idea to your customer’s table, FreshCo provides a total manufacturing, packaging, pasteurizing and shipping solution for their customers’ incredible products, all under one roof. FreshCo Foods, in conjunction with their partners, offers the most complete, cost-effective solution in the food industry.

FreshCo’s team will work closely with customers at every phase of product development and creation – from a concept in our test kitchen to scaled up, production-ready – to create unique and original, premium products.

FreshCo offers a wide variety of equipment available to prepare and create an almost limitless number of products; and are always looking to expand offerings based on customer needs and industry trends and changes. FreshCo’s goal is always to work one-on-one with their customers to help them obtain what they need to develop and produce exceptional foods.

American Pasteurization Company is an end-to-end High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) service and solutions provider.

APC offers HPP on a pay-as-you-go basis to customers, allowing them to pay only for the services they use, and serving companies of every size both in Milwaukee and Sacramento.

As the first HPP toll processor in the nation with over 12 years of experience, APC is an industry leader in the application of HPP technology. Additionally, with 6 HPP machines in Milwaukee alone, APC has the most HPP capacity under one roof in the United States, so they are always ready to accommodate their customers, whether they are just starting out or need to begin running at high volumes right away.

Choice One Fulfillment offers direct-to-consumer shipping available to all of their customers. Choice One will cooler-pack and ship customer’s orders directly from their facility within a day or so after HPP processing. This allows customers to avoid yet another shipping or freight expense to a 3rd party cold distribution center, in addition to the risk of temperature abuse that’s always possible when product changes hands.

Choice One uses 100% recyclable coolers, packing materials and ice packs, and has negotiated the best shipping rates available for cold-ship products. Choice One can accommodate any size or type of order quickly, always with a focus on keeping costs down and providing superior customer service.