Falafel Crisps are an All-Natural, Non-GMO Mediterranean Fritter made with chickpeas, fava beans and a variety of fresh vegetables, spices and herbs. Our falafel is packed with flavor, has excellent moisture content, can be used as a vegetarian option and is part of the well-respected Mediterranean Diet. Falafel Crisps can be a versatile addition to your menu because they work perfectly as a center of the plate item, appetizer or side dish, and are commonly used in a salad bar, hot bar, grab and go or behind a deli case. The excellent nutritional value, great taste and versatility are sure to set you up for success.

Product: Original Falafel Crisps, Frozen

Product Number: 3001

Pack Size: 15lb Bulk Pack, 1oz each

Shelf Life: 1 year frozen. 7 days refrigerated at 40°