Here at Mediterranean Brands, it’s all about the food…

We work with our customers in a partner-driven, solutions-based style. We’ve got a line of innovative and delicious Mediterranean food. Additionally, if you need a proprietary item made specifically for you, our excellent team of chefs will work with you from ideation to verification in our test kitchen. We proudly offer All-Natural, NON-GMO and Sustainable Solutions. We have an artesian style kitchen with a variety of equipment including braisers, steam jacketed kettles, pressure cookers, ovens, vegetable dicers and extruders.

A few capabilities we have to suit your needs include:

  • Custom Formulization

  • Kettle Cook-Large & Small

  • Cook-Chill

  • Hot Pack & Cold Pack

  • Refrigerated (HPP) & Frozen Items

  • Extruding / Portion Control

  • Smoking

  • Roasting

  • Braising

  • Steaming

  • Baking

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